Our Projects

The introduction of the Supaloc® product in the American market has already ignited interest amongst forward-thinking developers looking for innovative ways to complete a project within a tight budget and schedule.

Apr 2015

From 2012, SBS has been providing light-weight steel framing solutions to fast-food giants KFC Australia-wide, with an emphasis on reduced build time and maintennance issues, resulting in a more efficient build process.

Apr 2015

Sustainable Building Systems designed, engineered and manufactured our office building in the United Arab Emirates city of Abu Dhabi.

This purpose-built office was constructed using our patented Supaloc frames, enabling the entire building to come together and construction to be completed in an extremely short period of time.

Mar 2015

The SA Super Schools project involves the construction of six new schools by Pinnacle Education.

A dedicated team was established to provide an environment which supports a team approach to roles and decision making with accountability for the successful delivery of the project to the client.