Supaloc® Steel Building Systems

Supaloc Steel Building systems is the premium brand for steel frame solutions in the construction industry. Unique precision engineering ensures that each component of a Supaloc steel frame is manufactured with unparalleled accuracy and quality.

Termite Proof

Supaloc steel frames are 100% termite and borer proof.

A recent report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has estimated that termites can cause up to $5 billion dollars of damage a year in the United States.


Supaloc steel frames can save home owners thousands of dollars in termite treatments, costly maintenance and repairs over the life of a home.

Safe & Secure

The US experiences some of the harshest weather conditions.

Trust in the strength of Supaloc steel frames, which are engineered and manufactured to withstand even the worst weather.


Supaloc steel framing is a continually evolving technology, driven by a passion for increased safety, security and strength in construction.

Our Research and Development Department works in close conjunction with our manufacturing facilities to ensure a dynamic and ongoing evolution of the frames.

The ongoing refinement of both the design software and advanced manufacturing machines ensures that our steel frames utilise the latest and most advanced technology available.

Constant improvements to product functionality, energy efficiency, and constructability ensure that Supaloc steel frames remain at the cutting edge of building technology.

Over the years since its inception, Supaloc has continued to create new innovations, namely its patented superior connections and dimpled screw recesses.

It is the only system that attaches each and every component together and bolts them to the slab, guaranteeing outstanding structural integrity.

The Supaloc steel framing system is an investment in the future.

Each frame is low on waste, fire resistant, impervious to insect damage, environmentally friendly and manufactured to precision standards.

A Supaloc steel frame will not warp, sag or shrink, reducing the risk of cracked walls, jamming doors and wavy roof lines.

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